Our Classes


We recommend that all dance students attend Ballet as their first genre. Ballet is the foundation for all other dance genres. Students can start from Pre-School aged 3 through to adults.
There is a ballet class for everybody at Music Box.

Modern (Jazz & Contemporary)

Our Modern classes introduce students to a wide range of movement styles and music.
From Senior School age, these classes are then split into two genres, Jazz and Contemporary. These classes run back to back in the timetable.

Tap Class

Students can start tap from Reception age. From Reception to year 3 we run our modern and tap classes back to back. As students progress we have tap technique and tap choreography classes available.

Classical Greek

Students can start Greek from year 3. Students are encouraged to take up Greek if they wish to take part in competitions. Greek acts as a great training ground and compliments all other styles of dancing.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre classes start from Reception age and run through to senior classes.
The Reception to year 3 musical theatre classes run back to back with our ballet classes on a Saturday morning and we have assistants that walk students between the two classes.

Irish Dancing

Music box is delighted to welcome the Guernsey Irish school which will be under our management.


In national classes/workshops, students learn steps and routines from different countries from around the world e.g the Tarantella with tambourines from Italy.
We offer regular national dance workshops as well as including this style in our summer schools.


Adults: We offer adult yoga classes every Wednesday from 6.30-7.45pm with our yoga teacher Emily Grainger.
Students : We aim to offer monthly yoga classes to all of our students as well as opportunities to learn during the school holidays.
Yoga is a fantastic way for students to be in touch with their own bodies and to help with good posture.

Body conditioning

Students are able to take body conditioning classes from year 3 and above.
Body conditioning classes include building stamina, thigh strength, abdominal strength, arm strength and stretching.