About Mrs Meg

Founder of Music Box

Music Box Dance and Bananadrama was born from a long yearning that Meg Mitchell held in her heart for many years. Meg loved music, dancing and acting from an early age, regularly appearing in GADOC productions and attending dance classes until she was fifteen. Two severe bouts of glandular fever and the pressure of school work put a premature end to that passion so you can imagine how delighted she was when both her children, Ellie and Peter, became accomplished musicians with a similar passion for dancing and drama.
The Mitchell family became regular performers in the Guernsey Eisteddfod with a reputation for originality. Meg encouraged Ellie to pursue a dance teaching qualification and supported her in every way throughout the whole process.

Meg had played the piano for dance students across a number of the established dance schools and knew that there was an opportunity for a new, inclusive dance school using inspiring music and with an aim for creativity in performance and which was not beholden to the treadmill of dance exams. She had a very good business head on her shoulders as well.

Meg strove for quality in every aspect of performance, whether this was creating and making costumes, insisting on songs being in the right key for the singers, correcting feet positions for ballet, rehearsing music on the piano over and over again until confident to play it, or ensuring dancers’ hair, shoes, tights and smiles were all as required.

Meg never failed to gain the respect of the students and parents. She became an integral and visible part of the Music Box timetable – helping young students where she could. She was affectionately called ‘Meggles’ by many of them.

Mrs Meg passed away in January 2019 after a short illness. The previous month she had produced costumes and played the piano for the 2018 Music Box panto. She had turned her yearning, her dream, into reality and left behind a thriving dance and drama school. Music Box would never have existed without her ambition and commitment and our pledge is to continue to carry forward her love of dance, music and performance combined with quality and originality and to share it with you.